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Directing search engine traffic to your website is vital for generating new sales. Since web searchers are driven by immediacy and intent, visitors are often pre-qualified and ready to make a purchase. Searchers are also fickle and will only click on the top results to their inquiry. With robust search engine optimization, you can position your business to get more leads and more clients.


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When it comes to SEO, you must consider your entire online strategy. There are a lot of special signals that Google uses to determine where you rank. From your website performance, backlinks, domain ratings, authority & reviews, to buzz and conversation about your site or products. To make it even more difficult criteria change constantly. We have an entire division dedicated to R&D, build test sites and pioneer new technologies to achieve high rankings. 

Sit back relax and let our expert SEO engineers work day in and day out as your dedicated SEO team to rank your website high and generate tonnes of qualified visitors to your business. 


Buzzy Branding is a highly specialized and reputable expert witness and legal online marketing and branding firm that is elevated well above the landscape of traditional online marketing and branding companies. There is no other company that is a greater authority in online expert witness and legal marketing across North America than Buzzy Branding. First hand, I have seen the President of Buzzy Branding, Tamir Wolfson, lead specialized teams countless times to bring forth the completion of hundreds of expert witness and legal online marketing & branding projects. Buzzy Branding is an integral part of Expert Analytics Group of Companies. It gives me great pleasure to know that in Buzzy Branding Expert Analytics Group has an unprecedented and trusted partner that shares the same innovative vision to revolutionize the way that experts and law firms collaborate via technology.
Shireen Shah

CEO, Experts Court

SEO for Your Business

We offer a full SEO service that covers every base to make you appear higher on search results and steal the leads from your competitors. SEO can be split in to two different types:

On-Page SEO

Off-Page Seo

On-Page SEO

Article Writing

We write and curate blog posts and articles to make your website pop-out in front of Google’s crawlers. When search engines like Google see regular updates on a website, with unique content, Google tends to rank that website higher.

Content Optimization

We will analyze your website, rewrite the text with the same meaning but some extra added keywords, optimize images to load faster and add keywords so it catches the search bot’s eyes.

Regular Updates

We will regularly update your website so search bots think the website is changing and gives it more priority. These changes may contain Title, Meta Tags, Descriptions, Keywords etc.

Off-Page SEO

High Quality Backlinks

We prefer higher domain authority websites for building backlinks. If you have a backlink of your site on a 80+ Domain Authority website, your website will most likely to be picked up by search engines faster.

Article Posting

We create and post articles about your service on relevant websites and forums. This way you get more brand mentions, target relevant people who read the article and get interested in your services.

Influencer Outreach

We create a community-driven article about your services and reach out to social media and local influencers to provide their valuable insight via feedback, quote, or a review which we will use to promote your services.

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