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Website Design & Development

Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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Reputation Management

Reputation management packages are custom to the specific case. Contact us to get a customized quote for you or your company.

Customized Content

Delivers strategic content created specifically for you and your professional goals, following social media best practices.

Search Appearance

By learning about your competitors and what they are doing, we can apply their techniques to optimize your search engine appearance.

Targeted Audience Growth

Delivers actionable insights and recommendations to grow your audience, increase your engagement, and expand your reach to make connections with relevant influencers in your industry.


Monitors interactions and provides suggested responses to relevant ratings and reviews

Remote Business

Remote business solutions are custom for each specific business. Contact us today so that we can discuss your goals, and we can start working on a strategy to help create or enhance your remote business offering. 

Smart Packages

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Online Advertising

Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads

We manage customized ad campaigns on major ad networks like google, facebook, instagram etc. To get a quote specifically based on your needs, please contact us directly.



Dawn Youshak, Florida Traveling Tutor

I wanted to thank you for making such a gorgeous website, it looks amazing! I can tell you guys worked really hard on it and I am looking to continue to work with you.

- Dawn Youshak, Florida Traveling Tutor
Deborah Hall, Founder, DIVE Networks

I am super proud of what you guys have done for us and I appreciate it. I hope the references and clients I sent your way have worked out.

- Deborah Hall, Founder, DIVE Networks
Sam Mazahreh, Founder & CEO, Dentalook

Tamir and his team went above and beyond!! thank you all!!

- Sam Mazahreh, Founder & CEO, Dentalook
Pooyan Toolabi, Owner, Sanomed Pharmacy

I have been looking for a team to provide SEO and design new websites for our businesses for a while and couldn't find anyone who meets our standards until I spoke to Tamir. I'm so happy with their services, very professional, great time management and friendly. Highly recommend them for any type of web related services.

- Pooyan Toolabi, Owner, Sanomed Pharmacy
Sohyun Park, Dentist & Owner, Pacific Coast Periodontics

Buzzy Branding reached out to me, and I happened to talk to Tamir, the founder and CEO of this company. I shared all my bad/so-so experiences with my previous online marking companies that I worked with and I encountered with, and he listened. He is a listener, a good listener. He doesn't try to teach you how to market your business in a way you are not comfortable with. But still guides you to a better way that is available out there and that you are not aware of. The onboarding process could be somewhat upsetting and frustrating until it settles. Buzzy Branding, however, goes above and beyond to minimize that possible frustration by providing a clear manual for my unique situation that my business has, and also by making themself very available/accessible via any communication tools possible. The technical side of this company is also very impressive. My engineer Asifur is very knowledgeable, simple, straightforward, easy to understand, responsive, quick, accessible and hard-working. I am sincerely giving them 5 stars, it is a true 5-star company so far.

- Sohyun Park, Dentist & Owner, Pacific Coast Periodontics
Sanomed Medical clinic, Medical Clinic in Toronto

Buzzy Branding designed two websites for us and we cannot be happier of the results. Very responsive team, very professional websites in a timely manner. I would suggest them to anyone who wants to have a solid website.

- Sanomed Medical clinic, Medical Clinic in Toronto
Daniel F., Founder, WizKid Tutoring

They did an amazing job updating my old website, truly a night and day difference. Very responsive, answered all my questions, and willing to make all the minor changes requested.
Check out

- Daniel F., Founder, WizKid Tutoring
Isaac Zisckind, Senior Partner, Diamond & Diamond Lawyers

Buzzy Branding was a key role player in developing and executing our digital marketing strategy as well as advising us with strategic financial planning. As a result we have expanded into new areas of law and Diamond and Diamond is a recognized brand. Thank you Buzzy.

- Isaac Zisckind, Senior Partner, Diamond & Diamond Lawyers
Jake Neiman, CEO, Big Digital Corp.

Buzzy’s expertise in web development, online sales, SEO and search has resulted in a tremendous improvement to our company’s online performance and lead generation. Buzzy is a highly recommended, full-service online marketing firm.

- Jake Neiman, CEO, Big Digital Corp.
Shari Gherman

I hesitate in working with a business that is not in my area. I like to be able to check on things, say hello, meet the people, and keep close tabs on what is being done with my business! Well, I discovered that is not necessary. Buzzy Branding came highly recommended to me, and as I was in need of a website update and monitoring (among other things like social media), I decided to give them a try. I am so glad I did! I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Asifur and Tamir. My experience has been absolutely perfect. They understand my business, they respond timely and efficiently- and if I have any issues at all- and mostly the issues are because I forgot something or needed something different, they are on top of it. I have worked with several SEO, Online Marketing, Web Design, and Social Media Marketing companies, and this is the first time I have felt truly satisfied. I highly recommend Buzzy Branding.

- Shari Gherman

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Once objectives have been set, our team provides access to your client portal, and we work quickly to execute. We start working right when you sign up so that you get results fast.

Sales and results

We review data daily and make enhancements immediately. Reports are available on demand as we track activities and performance. Unlimited calls, meetings, and 24/7 support.