Medical Online Marketing and Telehealth

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Medical Online Marketing and Telehealth

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At Buzzy Branding, we believe in medical, doctor, and healthcare websites that get results. Our clients including doctors and doctor’s offices, health professionals, or medical clinics rank higher in search engine results. This helps them get more visitors and contacts from their websites, and earn more revenue from new patients and clients. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals, develop a strategy, and execute efficiently. Our team members have experience working at Doctor’s offices, and our founder helped save one of the largest Physiotherapy companies from receivership by finding the buyer and assisting the sale of the firm for over $90M! We have worked with many healthcare companies, and have the marketing expertise and industry knowledge to deliver. 

Website Design
Remote Business
Social Media

Telehealth and Remote Medical Consultations

Have you considered seeing patients and clients or providing an aspect of your medical services remotely?


Remote medical appointments for doctors and medical professionals

1 TO 1 & GROUP

1 to 1 or group online meetings with rich voice, video, chat, and file sharing


Get online appointments through your website


HIPAA compliant for maximum privacy and security

Services for the Medical and Healthcare Industry

In today’s competitive marketplace, your website design impacts whether you are chosen or left behind.

Compelling web design extends beyond an attractive homepage. A well-designed website should guide your visitors through the buying process. Your site should provide engaging content with few steps, clicks, and redirects to get to a conversion like a call or email. Navigation needs to be intuitive on a desktop computer and smartphone. Our beautifully designed websites are modern, professional, and high converting. They are all-device compatible, integrated with CDN to deliver your website faster to your visitors, secure and maintained with automatic backups.

Why is Medical Website Design so important for you? 

  • A website should be as thought out and carefully considered as your medical clinic
  • Your medical website is the digital representation of your healthcare practice
  • A good medical website’s structure results in a higher ranking, more visitors, more leads, and more patients
  • Most patients won’t contact a doctor or clinic with a poorly made website
  • An effective medical website builds trust and credebility with patients

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Directing search engine traffic to your website is vital for generating new sales. Since web searchers are driven by immediacy and intent, visitors are often pre-qualified and ready to make a purchase. However, searchers are also fickle and will only click on the top results to their inquiry. With robust search engine optimization, you can position your website to generate more visits, conversions, and sales.

Less than 10% of people look past the first page of search engines. Rank higher with the help of a Google Partner and our certified team of optimization experts. We implement our unique system on our client’s websites that encourage search engine bots to crawl your website faster and rank it higher.

Why is SEO so important for your medical practice or healthcare business?

  • The medical field is one of the most competitive industries
  • Finding your clinic on a search result’s first page is hard, and if you’re not on the first 2 pages, you have a very small chance of being contacted
  • Nearly 33% of clicks go to the first ranking page, and the first five listings get over 75% of all clicks
  • The top three search results for Doctors, Medical Clinics, or Healchare Practicioners receive 50% of all clicks on Google

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Social media provides the opportunity to do two things really well: promote your company to new prospective customers and build searchable social backlinks to your business which improves SEO and website ranking. Like content, social media engagement should be a major component in your overall marketing strategy and needs to be used on a regular basis to be effective.

We create impactful social posts, campaigns and experiences that drive audiences towards achieving your business objectives.

Why is Medical Social Media Marketing so important for Doctors and Medical Professionals?

  • It’s been proven that word of mouth and reviews are among the top influencers for people looking for new doctors
  • 70% of patients or clients who read your post or receive help via social media become or refer patients and clients
  • Over 91% of medical practitionar claimed that their social marketing efforts greatly increased their medical clinic’s visibility and resulted in more revenue
  • Social media allows you to update your regulars on new services or information that they weren’t privy too before

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Reach new customers and increase sales revenue with paid online advertising. Search Engine Marketing is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through paid efforts, such as purchasing banner ads or pay-per-click (PPC) programs.

Be found at the precise moment when potential clients are seeking your type of products or service. Whether by smartphone or labtop, show up when people are searching for you in Google Search, Local Maps, Facebook, or other properties. Unlike traditional marketing, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad (hence “pay-per-click”). Under Buzzy’s stewardship, we will create, monitor, and optimize your Google Ads or other paid ad campaigns.

Why is Paid Medical Online Advertising so important?

  • 46% of clicks go to the top three paid medical ads on the Search Enging Results Page
  • We know exactly what your patients want to see, and build optimized campaigns to drive as many new patients and clients to you at the lowest cost in your city
  • It allows you to execute advanced marketing techniques like Retargeting
  • With years of experience and a dedicated team of true medical marketing professionals, we have the know-how on what types of advertisement campaigns will make your medical clinic grow at the lowest cost

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Did you know that 88% of people trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations? So, if you show up next to a competitor in search results, your online reviews could be the deciding factor.

With our proprietary reputation management software, we regularly monitor your and your competitor’s reputation and give you an advantage by targeting their audience and winning clients.
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Offer some of your medical services remotely and don’t miss out on potential patients and revenue.

We work closely with our Doctors, medical clinics, and healthcare clients to analyse their specific needs, and incorporate a remote business solution that will drive more revenue. Telehealth is in high demand from patients and companies globally. By incorporating remote health in your website and operations you will get an edge over competitors. 

Remote health solutions can include 1 to 1 or group video chat, remote conferencing, remote education, HIPAA compliant consultation with end to end encryption for privacy and security, online product and service sales and transactions,  screen sharing and much more. For specific details related to our telehealth and remote health solutions, contact us today. 

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Why do Doctors and Medical Professionals choose Buzzy Branding?

We’re consistently getting new phone calls and leads. We looked at a lot of companies that do marketing for dental offices and chose Buzzy Branding. It’s been very easy to work with them, especially because they have a dedicated technical manager, and every month we review our performance and the details of each service.
Dr. Arash Hakhamian

Founder & CEO, Yes Dental Centers

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