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Buzzy Branding was founded with the mission to help companies and individuals benefit from, and take control of, their online presence. Our success is a result of providing advanced internet technologies and high-quality services at an unbeatable value. We will grow by building trust, executing for clients, partners, staff, and the local and global community.
Our core services are currently split up into 4 main segments: Online Marketing, Remote Business, Online Reputation, and “Other”. In our Online Marketing segment, we provide Website Design, Development and Management, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Paid Advertising. For more information on each segment feel free to browse through the related sections on our site. Remote Business is a key growth segment and a major focus. We help identify aspects of a business where value can be provided remotely and then execute. Our clients not only realize new revenue streams but are setting themselves up for success long term. Online Reputation is a critical component of any online presence. Ratings, rankings, reviews, articles, and news can have significant positive and negative impacts on an individual or company. A steady increase in your online reputation has significant benefits not only to short terms sales and revenue but partnerships, attracting team members, and long term growth. Our final segment, “Other”, covers everything from consulting and strategy, lead generation, email campaigns, physical branding, video production, and graphic design, and more.

Our industry, Online Marketing, is competitive. We recognize that in order to earn your business there may be situations where we need to displace other providers. Luckily for us, there’s a significant amount of variability in the quality of services provided. This gives us a chance to step up where most others fall short. For example, we are available 24/7, our clients own all the work we do for them, and the reporting we provide to clients show not only results but the actual work that was done. We will always go the extra mile.

The way we provide services, at such a minimal profit margin during the first few months, can only mean that in order to stay in business our clients have to decide to stay with us long term. We need to do a good enough job that they see the value in working with us long term. We are proud to say that very few clients have ever left Buzzy Branding, our team loves working here, and we hope to have an opportunity to earn your business!

Your Online Marketing Partner

Our team has years of experience helping individuals and companies build, manage, and take control of their online brand. We are your online marketing partner and team member, taking personal pride in helping achieve goals in a cost-effective yet highly impactful way. With guaranteed results, transparent services and reports, low costs, and unmatched customer service, we are working towards becoming the leader in online marketing.

Proud to Support and Service Nonprofit Organizations

Why Do Clients Choose Us


Our unique and proprietary search engine optimization system encourages search engine bots to crawl your website faster and rank it higher.


Have a question? Need a hand? We’re there. Call us anytime for unlimited customer support from our online marketing experts.


We develop an effective strategy, gather data, and provide detailed reports that discuss your audience, reach, leads and conversions.


Every website is coded for perfect performance on all the most popular devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops.


We have a 5 out of 5 star rating on Google Business and clients that are strong advocates.


Isaac Zisckind, Senior Partner, Diamond & Diamond Lawyers

Buzzy Branding was a key role player in developing and executing our digital marketing strategy as well as advising us with strategic financial planning. As a result we have expanded into new areas of law and Diamond and Diamond is a recognized brand. Thank you Buzzy.

- Isaac Zisckind, Senior Partner, Diamond & Diamond Lawyers
Jake Neiman, CEO, Big Digital Corp.

Buzzy’s expertise in web development, online sales, SEO and search has resulted in a tremendous improvement to our company’s online performance and lead generation. Buzzy is a highly recommended, full-service online marketing firm.

- Jake Neiman, CEO, Big Digital Corp.
Jeff Blake, VP of Corporate Development, Altima Dental

You guys have done a great job generating proprietary deal flow for us and were able to hit the ground running with your methods. It was important for me to align efforts with somebody who understood the art and science of what it takes to get a potential acquisition to consider our partnership model, and you picked this up very quickly. I think any business looking to grow through acquisition and beef up their pipeline could benefit from your approach.

- Jeff Blake, VP of Corporate Development, Altima Dental
Shari Gherman

I hesitate in working with a business that is not in my area. I like to be able to check on things, say hello, meet the people, and keep close tabs on what is being done with my business! Well, I discovered that is not necessary. Buzzy Branding came highly recommended to me, and as I was in need of a website update and monitoring (among other things like social media), I decided to give them a try. I am so glad I did! I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Asifur and Tamir. My experience has been absolutely perfect. They understand my business, they respond timely and efficiently- and if I have any issues at all- and mostly the issues are because I forgot something or needed something different, they are on top of it. I have worked with several SEO, Online Marketing, Web Design, and Social Media Marketing companies, and this is the first time I have felt truly satisfied. I highly recommend Buzzy Branding.

- Shari Gherman
Sina A., Annex Medical Imaging

Buzzy Branding exceeded our expectations. They’ve been really helpful since the very beginning. It’s been always easy to reach them if there was anything needed to be discussed. They’re always there to listen to our suggestions and required changes for our website, social networks, etc. They treated us always like a family and have been there for us if we needed any help!

- Sina A., Annex Medical Imaging
Shireen Shah, CEO, Experts Court

Buzzy Branding is a highly specialized and reputable expert witness and legal online marketing and branding firm that is elevated well above the landscape of traditional online marketing and branding companies. There is no other company that is a greater authority in online expert witness and legal marketing across North America than Buzzy Branding. First hand, I have seen the President of Buzzy Branding, Tamir Wolfson, lead specialized teams countless times to bring forth the completion of hundreds of expert witness and legal online marketing & branding projects. Buzzy Branding is an integral part of Expert Analytics Group of Companies. It gives me great pleasure to know that in Buzzy Branding Expert Analytics Group has an unprecedented and trusted partner that shares the same innovative vision to revolutionize the way that experts and law firms collaborate via technology.

- Shireen Shah, CEO, Experts Court
Julian Shields, CEO, Shields Consulting LLC

Buzzy Branding has taken my business to the next level. In this world we live in, an online presence is vital to the growth of a business. I have received referrals from the set up of my website and the design has boosted my credibility with clients tremendously!

- Julian Shields, CEO, Shields Consulting LLC
Dr. Nik Wolfson, Orthopedic Surgeon, Wolfson Orthopedics

There are so many online marketing companies that claim they know how to brand a Doctor, help them get patients, expert witness work, etc. etc. etc. Buzzy Branding does it! They built an online strategy to brand myself as well as my clinic separately online, increased my rankings, and got me business. If you’re looking for a company to help grow your medical or healthcare practice, or help bring you more IME’s, Expert Witness work, etc, you’ve found the best. 

- Dr. Nik Wolfson, Orthopedic Surgeon, Wolfson Orthopedics
Jonathan Dwek, Co-Founder, Dwek Capital

Buzzy Branding has given me great service. I feel like they really care about my business. The team has been very patient with re-branding my company. I've already seen an increase in business from their efforts.

- Jonathan Dwek, Co-Founder, Dwek Capital
Dr. Arash Hakhamian, Founder & CEO, Yes Dental Centers

We're consistently getting new phone calls and leads. We looked at a lot of companies that do marketing for dental offices and chose Buzzy Branding. It's been very easy to work with them, especially because they have a dedicated technical manager, and every month we review our performance and the details of each service.

- Dr. Arash Hakhamian, Founder & CEO, Yes Dental Centers

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