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At Buzzy Branding, we believe in consultant and expert witness websites that get results. We work quickly to help you get new business either from a new law firm or lawyer providing an expert opinion, or providing consulting to a business or medical device company. Our consultant and expert witness clients rank higher in search engine results, get more visitors and contacts from their websites, and earn more revenue. Our Senior Executives have experience consulting to large companies like Disney, and connecting lawyers with experts for medico-legal work. We have worked with many experts, consultants, and law firms, and have the marketing expertise and industry knowledge to deliver. 

Website Design
Remote Business
Social Media

Remote Consulting Solutions

Have you considered providing some of your services remotely?


Remote consultation solutions for consultants and expert witnesses

1 TO 1 & GROUP

1 to 1 or group online meetings with rich voice, video, chat, and file sharing


Get online appointments through your website


Privacy and security with end-to-end encryption

Services for Consultants and Experts

In today’s competitive marketplace, your website design impacts whether you are chosen or left behind.

Compelling web design extends beyond an attractive homepage. A well-designed website should guide your visitors through the buying process. Your site should provide engaging content with few steps, clicks, and redirects to get to a conversion like a call or email. Navigation needs to be intuitive on a desktop computer and smartphone. Our beautifully designed websites are modern, professional, and high converting. They are all-device compatible, integrated with CDN to deliver your website faster to your visitors, secure and maintained with automatic backups.

Why is Expert Website Design so important for you?

  • A good website is the mark of an established business. For experts, it’s even more important
  • The design of your website is the first impression your potential client sees when they come to you from an advertising campaign or get referred from a friend. Do you really want that impression to leave a sour taste in their mouth, or have them call you right away?
  • Law firms and lawyers are over 78% more likely to contact an expert who has a good website with easily accessible information
  • An effective expert website helps attract more clients like companies, lawyers or law firms, insurance companies, or other interested parties not only in your city, but across the country
  • We keep up with the industry standard in design, and have countless of hours and experience in designing nothing but the most effective layouts

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Directing search engine traffic to your website is vital for generating new sales. Since web searchers are driven by immediacy and intent, visitors are often pre-qualified and ready to make a purchase. However, searchers are also fickle and will only click on the top results to their inquiry. With robust search engine optimization, you can position your website to generate more visits, conversions, and sales.

Less than 10% of people look past the first page of search engines. Rank higher with the help of a Google Partner and our certified team of optimization experts. We implement our unique system on our client’s websites that encourage search engine bots to crawl your website faster and rank it higher.

Why is Expert SEO so important for you?

  • The majority of new business that experts and expert witnesses get from new lawyers and law firms comes from a search online
  • Being found on the first page of Google for your areas of expertise gives you more credibility to visitors like law firms or comany executives, resulting in more calls and clients
  • Through optimized SEO, it can be possible to achieve a first page ranking for specific strategic keywords in as little as 60 days
  • SEO is one of the only online marketing channels that, when set up correctly, continues to bring in results
  • It gives you a head start and competitive edge against other experts

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Social media provides the opportunity to do two things really well: promote your company to new prospective customers and build searchable social backlinks to your business which improves SEO and website ranking. Like content, social media engagement should be a major component in your overall marketing strategy and needs to be used on a regular basis to be effective.

We create impactful social posts, campaigns and experiences that drive audiences towards achieving your business objectives.

Why is Social Media Marketing so important for Consultants and Expert Witnesses?

  • A well built personal brand is the bread and butter of any self proclaimed expert
  • An incredible social media following can do most of your prospecting work for you, regularly reminding potential clients that you are an option to consider when a project or need arises
  • Give your clients a place where they can interact with you and refer you to others while voicing their concerns or asking their questions
  • Experts sharing their content on social media are sending out a brand signal to search engines that increases their website rating and visitors

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Reach new customers and increase sales revenue with paid online advertising. Search Engine Marketing is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through paid efforts, such as purchasing banner ads or pay-per-click (PPC) programs.

Be found at the precise moment when potential clients are seeking your type of products or service. Whether by smartphone or labtop, show up when people are searching for you in Google Search, Local Maps, Facebook, or other properties. Unlike traditional marketing, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad (hence “pay-per-click”). Under Buzzy’s stewardship, we will create, monitor, and optimize your Google Ads or other paid ad campaigns.

Why is paid online advertising so important for experts and consultants?

  • Paid online ads get in front of the presice client you’re looking for if optimized properly
  • You only pay when someone shows interest and clicks your ad
  • You need a team of experienced professionals that understand PPC as it relates to experts, consultants and personal brands. Professionals who have gone through the rounds and have seen what type of campaigns work and what don’t.

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Did you know that 88% of people trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations? So, if you show up next to a competitor in search results, your online reviews could be the deciding factor.

With our proprietary reputation management software, we regularly monitor your and your competitor’s reputation and give you an advantage by targeting their audience and winning clients.
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Offer some of your services remotely or sell in demand products, and don’t miss out on potential clients, projects, and sales.

We work closely with our clients to analyse their specific needs, and incorporate a remote business solution that will drive more revenue. Consultants and expert witnesses are in high demand from clients and companies globally. By incorporating remote business in your website and operations you will get an edge over competitors.

Remote consulting solutions can include 1 to 1 or group video chat, remote conferencing, remote education, HIPAA compliant consultation with end to end encryption for privacy and security, online product and service sales and transactions,  screen sharing and much more. For specific details related to our remote consulting solutions, contact us today.

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Why do consultants and expert witnesses choose Buzzy Branding?

Shireen Shah, CEO, Experts Court

Buzzy Branding is a highly specialized and reputable expert witness and legal online marketing and branding firm that is elevated well above the landscape of traditional online marketing and branding companies. There is no other company that is a greater authority in online expert witness and legal marketing across North America than Buzzy Branding. First hand, I have seen the President of Buzzy Branding, Tamir Wolfson, lead specialized teams countless times to bring forth the completion of hundreds of expert witness and legal online marketing & branding projects. Buzzy Branding is an integral part of Expert Analytics Group of Companies. It gives me great pleasure to know that in Buzzy Branding Expert Analytics Group has an unprecedented and trusted partner that shares the same innovative vision to revolutionize the way that experts and law firms collaborate via technology.

- Shireen Shah, CEO, Experts Court
Julian Shields, CEO, Shields Consulting LLC

Buzzy Branding has taken my business to the next level. In this world we live in, an online presence is vital to the growth of a business. I have received referrals from the set up of my website and the design has boosted my credibility with clients tremendously!

- Julian Shields, CEO, Shields Consulting LLC
Chris Castello, Owner, CC Expert Consulting

Buzzy Branding has exceeded my expectations in creating my website.

- Chris Castello, Owner, CC Expert Consulting
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Responsive Website Design


Responsive Website Design

Every website is coded for perfect performance on all the most popular devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Website Design, Online Marketing, Remote Consultation, SEO


Website Design, Online Marketing, Remote Consultation, SEO

Our unique system that encourages search engine bots to crawl your website faster and rank it higher.




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