The Taylor Consulting Group offers expert law enforcement consulting services. We are also expert witness consultants specializing in law enforcement & security operations. 

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Roy Taylor is a professional law enforcement manager with over 40 years of experience in a wide-range of federal, state, local and private Police Chief positions. Roy’s areas of expertise include: law enforcement training; use of force & firearms instruction; recruiting, employee selection, assignment, supervision, evaluation and retention; curriculum development; policies and procedures design and implementation; anti-terrorism, operation security, force protection, physical security, canine utilization; budgeting; public relations; and emergency management.

Roy G. Taylor, Ph.D (C)

CEO, Taylor Consulting Group

Case Study

When we started working with Taylor Consulting Group there was no website and limited online presence. Roy was listed in a few Expert directories, however beyond getting a few calls a year if that from them, he wanted to take more control of his online presence and provide detailed information to anyone who had an issue he could help personally with. Roy contacted us, and we immediately got to work creating an online presence for Taylor Consulting Group. 

One of our first steps was to analyse the existing information available about Roy online, and ensure that it was accurate, consistent, and up to date. We contacted numerous sourced, created content, and worked with other directories and third parties to ensure everything looked great. Our next step was putting together the perfect website. After a few calls and 2 weeks, Taylor Consulting Group’s website went live. We worked on including the perfect content and keywords so that search engine rankings would have the website rank high in search results, optimizing landing pages and ensuring that not only were lots of visitors coming to the website, that the visitors were the right ones. This means that they were parties that were actually interested in the products and services the group provided.

Today we spend time finding new content to update on the website, reviewing analytics daily to make sure the search engine ranking is always getting higher and higher, and finding new ways to attract the specific target audience and keeping them aware of the services the group offers. We’ve been working with the Taylor Consulting Group for years now, and also help with outreach, lead generation, and anything that it takes to continue growing the business.

Thank you Roy Taylor and Taylor Consulting Group for being such a great client and partner.

Contact us today to see how we can help your consulting or expert witness business. Whether you’re expertise and focus is law enforcement, police services, law, legal services, or another industry entirely, we have the marketing expertise and consulting and expert witness experience, and would love the opportunity to talk to you.

About Taylor Consulting Group

The Taylor Consulting Group offers expert law enforcement services. We are also expert witness consultants specializing in law enforcement & security operations. Consulting and expert witness consultation to attorneys, the insurance industry and facilities involved in litigation. Particularly, we provide consulting and expert witness consultation to attorneys, the insurance industry and facilities involved in litigation. Whether you need law enforcement or security expert, we specialize in various issues. For example, police policies, use of force to include deadly force, and electronic control devices. We also specialize in: less than lethal weapons, high-speed vehicle pursuits, and failure to train. Furthermore we have done negligent retention and failure to supervise.

Our experts are called upon to analyze cases from both the defense and plaintiff perspectives with experience including, but not limited to:

  • Police standards and practices.
  • Use of Force and Deadly Force.
  • Electronic control devices.
  • Standards of conduct.
  • High speed vehicle pursuits & chases.
  • Law enforcement policies and procedures.
  • Failure to train.
  • Law enforcement malpractice.
  • Failure to supervise.
  • Violations of §1983 Civil Rights.
  • Personnel selection and retention.

Specialties: Mobile Patrol, Stationary Officers, Criminal Investigations, Arrest Violators, Hostile Employee Terminations, VIP Escort, Bank/ATM Escorts, Crime Prevention Seminars, Site Security Assessment, Civilian Tactical Firearms Training, In-Service Law Enforcement Training