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Dr. Le and Richmond West Dental provides in person and remote dental services to patients from all over the city, including Alexandra Park, Chinatown, Baldwin Village, Trinity – Bellwoods, CityPlace, Entertainment District, and the surrounding areas.

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Michael Le

Founder, Richmond West Dental

Case Study

Richmond West Dental contacted us after watching a video of an interview our founder did with the Canadian Dental Association. Dr. Le previously sold a practice earlier in 2018, and opened Richmond West Dental in 2020. Before contact us, they were with a different provider but weren’t happy as it took more then a month for their new website to launch, and they felt there was nothing unique about the design, it didn’t reflect the character or values, the website took too long to load, the existing provider’s were slow to respond and weren’t available during off hours to help support the new and growing clinic. They needed a strong online presence and new patients asap.

We went to Dr. Le’s new location, and had a nice tour of the beautiful new state of the art clinic he built. This practice had it all from an accessible entrance to top of the line water and air filtration.

Our first step was to analyse the existing online presence, understand the short terms and medium term goals, and put together an action plan. We moved quickly to create a new dental website design within 1 week. Our in house graphic designer put together something that matched precisely what Dr. Le had in mind, while at the same time providing dental best practices to the website design and layout. We integrated on page seo, worked on building social media properties, and helped with internal software and systems integrations. We took professional pictures of their practice and used them on their website, social media accounts and Google My Business. Dr. Le and Richmond West Dental got their first ever lead from their online presence on just the second day that we made the website live! Now that’s a result we can be proud of!

During Covid 19 Coronavirus Pandemic, we helped Dr. Le integrate remote dental consultations and communication technologies into his dental practice operations, and promote his remote dental services online. We also helped him communicate to the public strategically, while building his brand.

We look forward to working with Dr. Le and Richmond West Dental to help him grow a strong dental practice.


Our team provides many different treatment options for the benefit of a wide variety of patients. With general and cosmetic dentistry services like dental implants, crowns, and teeth whitening, Dr. Michael Le and his team seek to satisfy everyone’s needs. We have modern equipment, surgically clean air and filtered water supply. Rest assured, all your dental needs are in safe hands when you choose us to be your dentist.

Richmond St. W. dental clinic has helped countless patients from all over the city, including Alexandra Park, Chinatown, Baldwin Village, Trinity – Bellwoods, CityPlace, Entertainment District, and the surrounding areas. If you would like to learn more about our oral treatment options, financials, or our office in general, please feel free to reach out. We would be happy to help however, we can! Ready to schedule a visit with a dentist in downtown? You can book your appointment with us online now with our easy-to-use form. See you soon at our dental office!