Pacific Coast Periodontics

Dr. Park is very excited to provide the service in the San Francisco Bay area with caring, comprehensive, evidence-based dental care. Her scope of dental care includes treating all areas in the field of periodontics.

Services Provided: 

I am usually very skeptical about online marketing/SEO services. There are too many companies who do that nowadays and I don’t even know how good they are, but they still ask for ridiculously high pricing from the beginning and continuous long-term high maintenance. For a smaller business owner like me, especially in this era of the pandemic, it was essential to invest money, time, and effort smart. They reached out to me first randomly from the online source I guess, and I happened to talk to Tamir, the founder and CEO of this company. I shared all my bad/so-so experiences with my previous online marking companies that I worked with and I encountered with, and he listened. He is a listener, a good listener. He doesn’t try to teach you how to market your business in a way you are not comfortable with. But he still guides you to a better way that is available out there and that you are not aware of. Onboarding process could be somewhat upsetting and frustrating until it settles, no matter what you are implementing to your business for the first time. Buzzy Branding, however, goes above and beyond to minimize that possible frustration by providing a clear manual for my unique situation that my business has, and also by making themselves very available/accessible via any communication tools possible. The technical side of this company is also very impressive. My engineer Asifur is very knowledgeable, simple, straightforward, easy to understand, responsive, quick, accessible and hard-working. I am sincerely giving them 5 stars, it is a true 5-star company so far. I am looking forward to seeing good marketing results soon.
Sohyun Park

Founder & Dentist, Pacific Coast Periodontics