Annex Medical Imaging

Annex Medical Imaging is a leading medical imaging centre offering quality accessible care. They ensure that every patient is treated with respect and compassion, and they are committed to using the most advanced technology and practices available today.

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Buzzy Branding exceeded our expectations. They’ve been really helpful since the very beginning. It’s been always easy to reach them if there was anything needed to be discussed. They’re always there to listen to our suggestions and required changes for our website, social networks, etc. They treated us always like a family and have been there for us if we needed any help!
Roohollah Abdi

Owner, Annex Medical Imaging

Dr. Abdi and his family purchased Annex Medical Imaging and for over a year they had trouble getting access to their website, emails, and online properties from the previous owners. This was holding them back from operating and growing the business.

When they contacted us to help improve their online presence, we met to work on strategy. After a deep analysis, it became clear that the first order of business was to help guide them through getting access to their digital assets. This is not a first, as it’s quite common unfortunately for companies and digital services providers to hold ransom a client’s online presence, or act in dishonest ways. This was a situation where the seller was still trying to leverage their online presence and email to their own benefit because they were still running another business in a different city but in the same industry.

We jumped into action, and within 30 days were able to help our clients regain access, ownership, and control of their email accounts, websites, and social properties. This was a very big win!

Once we regained access, we worked closely with our clients to create a new logo and go through a full re-brand. We build a new website, developed professional social media properties, assisted with integrating new emails and digital processes. They got their first few leads within the first month!

We work with AMI today by sending out email campaigns, assisting with lead generation, and being proactive with helping them grow their business. We love working with AMI and providing online medical marketing and support, and look forward to continued growth and success.


Annex Medical Imaging (AMI) has been conducting diagnostic testing for over 30 years. We are proud of the reputation in patient care and diagnostic excellence we have been able to achieve.

Our Radiologists are certified with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (FRCPC). Our Technologists are certified and are among the most experienced in the industry. The support staff is experienced and dedicated to the highest possible level of patient care. Each member of the AMI team is here to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

We utilize state-of-the-art technology and offer the most advanced diagnostic services available; this makes our communication with your physician accurate and comprehensive which ensures diagnostic excellence from start to finish.