M.A.P stands for marketing, advertising and promotion. And in addition to providing excellent clinical care, dentists must apply these three elements in concert to attract new patients and expand their practice.

Today, Tamir Wolfson, Principal at Buzzy Branding is here to talk about online marketing, building your practice’s online brand, enhancing marketing strategies, and avoiding common marketing mistakes made by dentists.

This video is created to help dentists use M.A.P to build their brand.

*Note: A number of the practices and strategies discussed throughout this conversation are subject to regulatory requirements. Please familiarize yourself with the advertising, privacy, and other regulatory requirements in your province prior to launching marketing, promotional, or advertising efforts.

During this first Oasis discussion in the M.A.P series, Tamir guides dentists on the basics of online marketing including:

  • What is online marketing and how can dentists communicate a practice’s value proposition to potential patients.
  • Building your online presence and ensuring potential patients can easily find you.
  • Social media marketing, and what platforms/properties are best for your practice.
  • Managing your online reputation including rankings, ratings and review.
  • Promoting your practice and reaching out to patients in an attractive and authentic way.
  • Presenting your practice in a way that compels people to reach out.
  • What to avoid and what not to do when deploying online marketing tools.
  • Cultivating your online presence.